What You Need to Know About the Limitations of Jessica’s Law

To prevent past sexual offenders from committing the same crime again, California comes up with Jessica’s law. The target of the law was to ensure that minors were safe from registered sex offenders. The challenge, however, is that this law has some major drawbacks. If you are currently studying law or have a passion for the law, you need to look for online resources that will educate you more on Jessica’s law. You will aim to know why it is called Jessica’s law and the various stipulations it makes. Below is what you need to know about the limitations of Jessica’s law.

The convicted suspects of a sex crime have to register as sex offenders under Jessica’s law. Finding work is therefore hard for people who have been registered as sex offenders. No employer is willing to hire a registered sex offender. The reason is that hiring such a person may taint the business’s reputation. Hence, to get something to do and earn money is extremely hard for registered sex offenders under Jessica’s law.

According to Jessica’s law the registered sex offenders such stay far away from schools, parks, and places where kids visit often. The problem at the moment is that most residential premises are nearby these areas. Therefore, for registered sex offenders, it is difficult to find housing once they are out of jail. The other challenge is that many neighborhoods will raise concerns when there is a registered sex offender living there. To avoid losing the other tenants, most apartment owners will not lease to the registered sex offenders.

The other flaw of Jessica’s law is that it may lead to the isolation of the registered sex offenders. Having a criminal record may make other people avoid you. The reason is that they see these people as a bad influence and may cause troubles in their lives. The families of the registered sex offenders may isolate them and limit their interactions. People don’t like the belief that a sex offender can be completely reformed. It is also normal to fear that registered sex offender may ignore the stipulations made by Jessica’s law.

The limitation of Jessica’s law does not mean that it is redundant as it helps keep children safe from known sex offenders. The crucial thing is to research other options that can keep children safe while looking after the welfare of registered sex offenders. The goal is to create a scenario where the likelihood of the sex offenders repeating the crime is diminished. Thus, it is time to evaluate the stipulations made by Jessica’s law.

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