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Upcoming project

The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes

Jamie play as : Jace Wayland
Movie year : 2014
Status : Announced
Information - Official

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Jamie play as : Jace Wayland
Movie year : 2013
Status : Post-production
Information - Official


Jamie play as : Young Oxford
Movie year : 2011
Status : Completed
Information - Official


Jamie play as : King Arthur
Movie year : 2011
Status : Completed
Information - Official

Harry Potter 7 Part I

Jamie play as : Gellert Grindelwald
Movie year : 2010
Status : Completed
Information - Official



Jamie Campbell Bower talks Star Wars and he will be Sith!

Jamie Campbell Bower talks Star Wars, acting and his bands

When he talk with MailOnline in the Evian Live Young Suite last day and the host asked if he work with J. J. Abrams ‘s Star wars? he do said

‘I’d love to be a part of Star Wars, I’d be a Sith, of course I’m English! We’ve got the voice and it’s perfect for the bad guys’

Next question is he will starring in next The Mortal Instruments movie? he reply :

‘I’ve read all the books and the new one, City Of Heavenly Fire, too,’ Campbell Bower says. ‘If they asked me to do the next one I’d f**king love to.’

Jamie also speak about his The Darling Buds, as he’s the singer for, which very goes success past year, the band including Dan Smith, Roland Johnson and Tristan Marmont

‘I just came back from LA where I’ve been playing with the band. We played two sold out shows there’

Jamie explains. and he said he loved to do both, acting and singing

‘Music’s something that can take off much quicker than the acting s**t. I want to take my time over jobs for acting stuff.I want to do both,’ he muses. ‘I want to do both in all honesty.’

Jamie Bower interview with Gazia daily

Grazia magazine has published an exclusive interview with Jamie Campbell Bower on Having Laughs With Mario Testino & A Kanye West Bromance

Grazia Daily: Do you find it tricky deciding what to wear for an event like this?

Jamie: I’ve had a stressful day so putting this on was the most calming part it. I might have to do to go to Oslo later for work, but nobody knows for sure yet.

Grazia Daily: What are you working on at the moment?

Jamie: We’re releasing a record in the middle of the year and there are some other things going on that I can’t really talk about…

Grazia Daily: What a tease! But we can talk about your starring role in the Burberry campaign. How was that?

Jamie: The best bit for me was being on set with Mario [Testino] because I’ve known him since I was 17 when we did a shoot together about young Londoners. So I get on set [for Burberry] and start cracking jokes with him, but the other models had never met him so were like, “How come you’re being so rude with Mario?” [laughs]. I had to tell them not to worry and I wasn’t going to get kicked off set because we’ve known each other for a good eight years. That was really funny.

Grazia Daily: Is Mario a good laugh then?

Jamie: Yeah he is. He’s a lovely man and makes me feel really comfortable. There’s only two photographers that can really do that and one is him and the other is Rankin. I would do anything for either of them.

Grazia Daily: So now you’re a Burberry campaign star, how does it feel to follow in the footsteps of a style legend like Romeo Beckham?

Jamie: Oh man, I mean that is hard-core. As you can see, I’ve got the nose ring and that’s part of his look now. He just takes it out for when he goes outside [laughs].

Grazia Daily: Malaika Firth is our new model crush. What she’s like to work with?

Jamie: Malaika is amazing and so is Jean Campbell, who I’m semi-related to because of the Scottish Campbell clan [who knew?!]. We’ve got a great group of girls and it’s sweet to go on set with people and then end up being friends with them afterwards.

Grazia Daily: As for the Burberry show, who would you love to make front row friends with?

Jamie: Umm…

Grazia Daily: It could be anyone. Kanye West perhaps?

Jamie: Do you think Kanye and I would get along well? I can see that being a budding bromance.