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Upcoming project

The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes

Jamie play as : Jace Wayland
Movie year : 2014
Status : Announced
Information - Official

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Jamie play as : Jace Wayland
Movie year : 2013
Status : Post-production
Information - Official


Jamie play as : Young Oxford
Movie year : 2011
Status : Completed
Information - Official


Jamie play as : King Arthur
Movie year : 2011
Status : Completed
Information - Official

Harry Potter 7 Part I

Jamie play as : Gellert Grindelwald
Movie year : 2010
Status : Completed
Information - Official


The Darling Buds

Jamie Bower goodbye The Darling Buds

Jamie Bower announced to fans about the Goodbye of his band, The Darling Buds as first he tweeted

With linked to Tumblr page, called Goodbyefromthedarlingbuds which showing the message from the band. can read :


It is with a heavy heart that we (The Darling Buds) wish to announce that we will no longer continue to perform under the aforementioned name and that our dear friend and drummer Dan Smith has decided to go a separate way from the band.

We have had so much fun playing for you and with you but this marks a new and exciting chapter in our musical career.

We have all grown a lot in the past few years and feel this is a perfect opportunity to start afresh under a new name and a new sound.

Jamie, Tristan and Roland are continuing to make music and are currently locked away creating something wonderful for you all.

We wish Dan the best and will always love him.

This is not the end.

Yours lovingly.

Jamie, Tristan, Roland & Dan.

And then he announced the name of his new band which called ‘Counterfeit’ members of the band will be Jamie Bower, Roland Johnson and Tristan Marmont. Jamie invited fans to follow the ‘Counterfeit’ official page at @counterfeitrock and Facebook @therealcounterfeit

The Darling Buds take HOXTON

Hungertv.com once again feature with Jamie Bower and his band The Darling Buds entitled “The Darling Buds take HOXTON” can read and see latest picture below :

Hunger favourite Jamie Campbell Bower and his band The Darling Buds have been a little quiet since we caught up with them last year, but luckily for fans they’ve been using this time very wisely indeed. The pop-punk foursome have been holed away in the studio with a new producer working on a host of new tracks for that eagerly anticipated album.

And if Saturday night’s packed show at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen is anything to by, it’s safe to say that fans of The Darling Buds will not be disappointed. Jamie and co. played a heaving, sweaty and rather awesome set including tracks “Waiting”, “Better Man” and “Dragons Are Real You Have To Believe Me” as the crowd screamed along in appreciation. The Darling Buds certainly know how to put on a show.