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Upcoming project

The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes

Jamie play as : Jace Wayland
Movie year : 2014
Status : Announced
Information - Official

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Jamie play as : Jace Wayland
Movie year : 2013
Status : Post-production
Information - Official


Jamie play as : Young Oxford
Movie year : 2011
Status : Completed
Information - Official


Jamie play as : King Arthur
Movie year : 2011
Status : Completed
Information - Official

Harry Potter 7 Part I

Jamie play as : Gellert Grindelwald
Movie year : 2010
Status : Completed
Information - Official


The Mortal Instruments

Jamie Campbell Bower: ‘Bend It Like Beckham interview

Jamie Campbell Bower making his West End debut in the upcoming musical version of Bend It Like Beckham which he play as football coach Joe.

He speak with Digital Spy also spoke in another subject like his band and The Mortal Instruments, too

The original film has become a cult favourite. Were you a fan?

“Yeah, of course. For me, it was a point in time when I was growing up. I was either turning a teenager, or had just turned into a teenager, and obviously I was madly in love with Keira Knightley. One of the first movies that she did was a film called The Hole, and this [Bend It Like Beckham] came shortly after that, so I was obviously going to watch that, because she was two years older than me, which was a delight. I loved the movie, of course I loved it, it was a riot.”

People might be surprised to hear this is your West End debut after seeing you in Sweeney Todd. Have you been wanting to do this for a while?

“Yeah, this is my West End debut. This is the first time being on stage since school – well, not doing a theatre show. It’s pretty nerve-wracking. Since Sweeney, people have always asked me if I would go back and do a musical, and my response is, ‘If the right thing came along, if something that I felt was going to be beneficial to an audience, fun for me to do, and a challenge’.

“People might see it as a bit of a change, but I think my career, in terms of what I’ve done throughout the almost eight or nine years that I’ve been working now, I’ve always looked for projects that try to be different, or characters that have been different. It definitely adds a new dimension in terms of me, personally, growing up, becoming I’m more of a man than I was, I’m challenging myself a lot more.

“I’m much more accepting of challenges now. For a long time, I was quite afraid of challenges, a difference – change is always scary. So this came along at a time where I was coming around to the idea of a change.” Continue reading

‘The Mortal Instruments’ Ordered To Series

Jamie Campbell Bower’s ‘The Mortal Instruments’ now reportedly to be remade for TV Series by ABC Family. when Youth cable network distortion through out the series to match. Shadowhunters Drama based on the author Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments book serie.

Anyway, sadly Ibtimes.com say that lead stars from movie like Lily Collins and Jamie Bower will not return for their role

New casting — Don’t expect Collins and Bower to reprise their roles. “Shadowhunters” will start from scratch. However, the TV series will utilize the same filming location as the movie version. Toronto will stand in for New York City once again. Production will begin in May.

‘The Mortal Instruments’ To Return As TV Show

Will Jamie Bower Reprise his Roles? if ‘The Mortal Instruments’ the movie will return but as TV Show

The best-selling novels written by Cassandra Clare ‘The Mortal Instruments’ reportedly to comeback as television series and now question is will the original movie cast reprise their roles in the television series?

The sequel will feature written by Jessica Postigo author veterinarian first TV that Constantine had brought Ed Decter to adapt the story of vampires, demons, werewolves and a love

Martin Moszkowicz, Constantin film revealed

“It actually makes sense to do (the novels) as a TV series. There was so much from the book that we had to leave out of the Mortal Instruments film. In the series we’ll be able to go deeper and explore this world in greater detail and depth,”